Business Provider

Chiangmai is one of those ideal places where people wnat to spend the rest of their lives, or at least experience a few good times. However, finding accommodation that best matches your needs is not an easy task, especially for foreigners. Since 1995, Mitchai Property has been a steadfast partner to those in search of a 'place to call home.' Behind this success is the hard work and dedication of Pichai Saetia and Varaphorn Patanukom, managing directors.

Varaphorn spoke about the beginning of their business. "As business people, we sensed that the real estate industry would continue to grow. It promised a golden opportunity, and at that time there were not many competitors. Intuition and other factors pushed us towards what we are today."

"What leads Mitchai to success today is not luck, but the sincere and honest service they always provide for their customers"

"Our job doesn't end here. we still offer regular services to both parties. For example, when the landlord and tenant have a disagreement, we help by giving advice and finding a compromise. Sometimes communication is difficult since they speak different languages so we often act as a translator. We also give advice about contracts and make suggestions that best suit our client's needs. We choose what's best for our customers. We want to see them happy."

After several years of success, Pichai and Varaphorn wanted to expand their business and decided to open a guesthouse. Today they run two branches of Smile House Guesthouse, one on Thapae Road, and another called Smile House Boutique. They have also started another business called "The Peak Adventure" as an option for foreigners who are looking for adventure activities.

As time has passed, their businesses seem to be more and more developed. It is undeniable that one supporting factor driveing this success is people's desire to live in Chiangmai. "Chiangmai is a beautiful city, We live among wonderful, gentle people and a welcoming climate, Chiangmai has every season; summer, winter and rainy season, while the climate is not too harsh to live in. People are always naturally smiling. The town scale is moderate, not too big and not too small. Chiangmai has all facilities and conveniences standard hospital for foreigners, qualified university, international standard schools, shopping malls, etc. With these amenities we can be close to nature as well as culture. Local life style and modern ways are intermingled. Many of our customers work in other countries but are based in Chiang Mai. They fly back and forth to work and let their wife and children stay in Chiangmai as the society here is better than in some other provinces, such as crowded Bangkok. Most of our customers are coming here for work, as well as the retired or expats. Mostly they rent a house here because it's easy, with reasonable rates and many styles available," Varaphorn said.

However, what leads Mitchai to success today is not luck, but the sincere and honest service they always provide for their customers. "We love our work and we work from our hearts. The key to our success is very simple. Since starting our business, we have always had good feedback from the landlords, saying that they were happy with the customers we screened for them. The secret is easy. Listen to our customers' voices and respond to them with our best effort. Don't forget to always think, work and speak only positive things and everything will be just fine."